Tree Services

We specialize in Tree Pruning & Tree Removal.

We are licensed arborists who are very passionate about the tree service industry. 

An arborist license is REQUIRED when cutting for the safety of the tree, the workers, and the safety of your home! An arborist who is NOT licensed can cause many issues over their career that may be detrimental to the tree long after the cut was made!







Hire the professionals at Mitchels All Season Tree Experts! Don't let your trees get hurt by someone who doesn't know better! 


The trees we prune are never injured! We treat them with high levels of respect! We cut and prune everything as if it was at our house or our cabin! We stand behind our work our results speak for themselves!

















We often do tree removal on trees that many companies have declined to cut down. If we cannot cut your tree, there's nobody that will.


Arborist Inspections and Reports


Walk around your property with one of our expert arborists to inspect the health and condition of your trees. We offer 'Arborist Reports' if needed before starting construction. 



















Lot Clearing


Planning to put up a new build or addition to an existing build? We have all the heavy equipment needed to handle clearing everything from tree tops to the stumps in a timely and efficient manner. 











Winnipeg Tree Service Arborist Tree Removal
Big tree.jpeg
Winnipeg Tree Service Arborist Tree Removal
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Lot Clearing.jpeg


is extremely important to us. We always emphasize following safety protocol and make sure the area, the property, and everyone around is safe before we begin any tree service.


We are registered with $2,000,000 in liability insurance as a peace of mind to you our valued customer, though we have never claimed on it.

Let us have a blast doing our dream job, while we do your job in the safest way possible!


When we say with ease it's cause we have done this so long its routine ! We love our job and we have it down to a science!

Check out our Facebook page for more photos of previous jobs. We are always updating the page.


Call or E-mail us now for a free quote & let us show you why we are Winnipeg's expert leader in Tree Services & Tree Removal!        

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